Transportation through Fire and Rescue Areas and Other Dangerous ZonesTransportation through Fire and Rescue Areas and Other Dangerous Zones

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Transportation through Fire and Rescue Areas and Other Dangerous Zones

Hi, my name is Kasey, and I have volunteered as a firefighter in many forest fires. As I travelled into those zones, I was very aware of the process involved to get us there safely. Once in, I was fascinated by how transport companies dropped in supplies and tools. Later, as I read about disasters all over the world, I began to wonder about the transportation to those areas. I learn and process the best by writing so I thought, why not share what I am learning in a blog? I hope that you like these posts, and if you have questions on transport into dangerous zones, I hope you find the answers you need here.


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Using Bus Charter Services Soon? Here's What You Need For Your Holiday!

With the wide range of quality bus charter services now available in Australia, it's no wonder that bus travel is becoming one of the most popular ways to travel. If your group is planning a bus holiday in the near future, it's important that you plan ahead by bringing along the right things. Here's an easy checklist that will make it dead simple to get prepped the right way. 

Staying Comfortable

Today's charter buses are more comfortable than public transport or school buses -- in fact, they're quite possibly the most comfortable way to travel, period. You can make your travels even more comfortable if you bring along the following. 

  • A cosy pillow: you might want to bring along a cosy pillow that offers great neck support, since you'll likely be sleeping for at least part of the journey. Consider a lumbar support pillow for spinal support whilst on the road. Whilst there are likely to be quite cosy seats on the bus, bringing a bit of extra support never hurts.
  • A light blanket: a light blanket -- preferably one that can be easily rolled up to fit easily into your handbag or carry-on bag, can be quite useful during long bus trips. To keep all passengers comfortable, the bus temperature may dip a bit below your personal comfort level, and the blanket allows you to warm up straight away.

Being Amused

Whilst most charter buses have movies playing on large screens, you might not care for the entertainment on offer. Bring along your own entertainment in the form of a tablet or a notebook computer -- and of course, don't forget the chargers! Most charter buses have charging stations for each rider, making it easy to stay fully charged at all times. It's now common for charter buses to have on-board WiFi connections. However, those connections can sometimes be a bit spotty. Download some e-books and other digital entertainment ahead of your trip in case streaming is a problem. 

Of course, your entertainment doesn't have to be confined to the digital. If you're a reader, the bus journey may just be the ideal time to catch up on that stack of paperback books on your bedside table. If you enjoy puzzle games or adult colouring books, these are also great activities to help pass the time.

Staying Nourished

Staying nourished on the bus journey isn't difficult -- you'll likely have many planned stops along the way. However, eating healthy foods may be a bit of a challenge. If you'd like to avoid the allure of junk food, simply bring some food along for the journey. Consider an insulated lunch box to bring along some healthy favourites that don't require heating. Bring along a couple of granola bars, protein bars, or other easy snacks for when those junk food cravings hit. However, remember that you're on holiday, so you do deserve the occasional treat!

Use the above tips to prepare yourself for a charter bus journey that's quite as enjoyable (or possibly more so!) than any other type of travel! For more information, contact companies like All-About Charter Service.